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A1 Maintenance Lawn Care Landscaping

Let us Create an Outdoor Paradise 

Why Choose Us?

 Years of Experience

Experience matters. Our seasoned team of landscapers brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the local environment to each project. We know the soil, the climate, and the unique challenges it presents. That's why we're able to curate landscapes that not only capture your vision but thrive in the long run.

Honest and Dependable

Honesty and dependability are the cornerstones of our landscaping and property services. We commit to transparent communication and consistent, reliable results, ensuring our clients' are completely satisfied with their outdoor spaces. 

Landscaping Specialists

Through the use of CAD we can design your dream yard! See it on paper before we make it come to life. Years of experience allow us to create beautiful and cost effective solutions for any of your landscaping needs. 

We Do It All

Our team specializes in enhancing your landscape with a wide range of services. We can install sod, place pavers to create elegant pathways and patios, custom garden beds, and the spread of mulch to improve both aesthetics and soil health. 

A1 Maintenance Lawn Care Landscaping


A1 Maintenance is the best choice because we bring together unmatched expertise, unwavering dedication, and a passion for creating outdoor spaces that exceed expectations. We consistently deliver exceptional results, ensuring our clients' satisfaction and trust in our ability to turn their outdoor dreams into reality.

A1 Maintenance Lawn Care Landscaping

Google Review

Very friendly and easy to do business with. Extremely helpful and understanding even when my dogs just kept barking and being loud. The removal of my 40+bushes was very important to me and Jean Paul made it painless. I love to support small and local businesses that appreciate their customers. A1 takes their work seriously and are true professionals!


A1 Maintenance Lawn Care Landscaping

A1 Maintenance, Where Cleanliness Meets Greenery. With Us, the Grass is Greener, and Your Surfaces Shine Brighter!

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